“Miami Modernist architecture or better known as MiMo, is a style of architecture from the 1950s and 1960s that originated
in Miami as a resort vernacular unique to Miami and Miami Beach.  It was a popular response to the various modernist and
post world war architectural movements that were taking place in other parts of the world, adding glamour, fun, and material
excess to otherwise stark, minimalist, and efficient styles. Miami Modernism was heavily concentrated in Middle and Upper
Miami Beach along Collins Avenue, as well as along the Biscayne Boulevard corridor starting around Midtown, through the
Design District and into the Upper East Side. Today, the area along Biscayne Boulevard is the designated MiMo Boulevard
Historic District, or also know as 'MiMo On BiBo', for miami Modern on Biscayne Boulevard. MiMo Historic District runs
roughly from 50th Street to 77 Street along Biscayne Boulevard, although MiMo can be found heavily in the Design District
and Midtown.  The umbrella term 'Miami Modernism', or 'MiMo' for short has only recently been coined to recognize this
particular style native to Miami. The term was coined by Miami Beach resident Randall C. Robinson and interior designer
Terri D'Amico.” Excerpt courtesy of Wikipidia (full article at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miami_Modern_Architecture):